Founded in July 2016, Luxio Labs is recognized as a category creator, pioneering innovation at the intersection of fashion, technology, art, and science. At Luxio, we specialize in building hand-crafted luxury technology accessories and couture connectivity solutions for the elevated everyday lifestyle of today's modern woman. Creating exclusive products, collections, and services through collaborations with the luxury fashion houses and other influential artists to bridge the gap between wearables and the world of fashion.


At Luxio, our smart, self-aware and stylish products meet the refined sartorial demands of our target clientele, the ‘Style Icon of the Information Age’. We provide simple, effective and superior technology embodied in a stunning, customizable design and include collections with their favorite high-street brands. Our solutions enable an augmented luxury lifestyle catering to the high-end, connected-consumer enhancing her everyday productivity.


Our proprietary systems are supported by cutting edge AI, AR/VR and wireless connectivity technologies to provide sophisticated interoperability within our hardware, software, and platform layers and across our product portfolio. Starting with our flagship product, the ICON.one, superior voice recognition and speech quality are combined with premium audio technology and sound components to enable a luxury solution and enhance the user experience of today. Once refined, the technology components are housed within an elegant handcrafted jeweled chassis which can be transformed through a series of curated collections and limited-edition statement necklaces.


We are always looking for talented, curious, self-motivated and innovative individuals who have a passion for art, science, technology and fashion. If you fit this description, please forward your CV to create@luxiolabs.com


The latest insights are curated by the expert designers, artisans, engineers, and founders at Luxio Labs. Showcasing innovation and conscience commercial strategies in the current luxury marketplace, we will identify and share emerging business models, technologies, and trends that can inspire conversation around the converging sectors of fashion and technology, art and science. We invite you to collaborate with us about the future of luxury lifestyle solutions and connected technology as we pioneer a revolution in wearables for women and their high-end lifestyles in today's, modern world.